Perseverance Put to the Test

Perseverance will be tested.  (photo credit: Joshua Pomales)

Perseverance will be tested. (photo credit: Joshua Pomales)

What a “practice what you preach” moment I had today.

Yesterday I posted some of my favorite quotes about perseverance here.
Of course, those quotes are awesome and powerful.

I woke up today to find that my permalinks from the reader were broken during our upgrade process. BROKEN!

And that is just how I felt…broken.

This can happen when you put your heart and resources into something…and find out that it is broken, in any way.

I felt like giving up. I was frustrated.

But heard that small still voice inside say “learn from this and persevere.”

I said back “persevere!?”

And then I stopped…I regrouped. I practiced what I preached.

I talked to technical support of bluehost. But, the issue was not on their end.

I sent wordpress an email. But, they can be sluggish in responding.

I started to literally laugh out loud to keep from crying.  I persevered.

Then, with some encouraging guidance from my theme developer, Stacey of Fives a Fellowship, I got back on track and started looking for help via the support forums.

Long story short, I found a plugin to fix my broken permalink issues.

And just like that my brokenness became my inspiration.

My perseverance was definitely put to the test in this situation.

And I think I received an A on that brutal test…okay maybe a B+…okay maybe a B-.

The point is that I passed the test!

Take home message: Do not give up. Keep moving forward. Persevere.

Permanent success is often around the corner from temporary failures.


© Kelley Daniel,, 2014


  1. says

    Thank you very much for the shout-out Kelley. It’s been lovely to work with you and glad we got there in the end. It’s been a bit of a learning curve for us both I think! :D

    • Kelley says

      Lol. Stacey I completely agree about the learning curve. Thanks for your patience and positive and professional attitude.

  2. says

    Very glad you’ve gotten things re-arranged to your satisfaction, Kelley!
    Although very little in life is really permanent, I’ll certainly go with “Success is often around the corner from temporary failures.”

    • Kelley says

      Great point Karen. I think that you are right. The only sure thing is that nothing is ever sure forever.


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